Grandmaster Hsu Fun-yuen

Hsu Fun Yuen was born into a traditional agricultural family in Tien Tai Village on the east side of Che Chiang Province in the People's Republic of China. As a child, Hsu suffered from a feeble constitution and was prone to illness. His parents therefore encouraged his study of Shaolin in order to obtain strength. This gradually replaced his weakness with vigor and good health. Rarely ill from then on, he developed a passion for Chinese martial arts.

When Hsu's high school years were finished, he continued his studies in the martial arts with Li Yuanchih at a military school. He thereafter furtherd his instruction under the tutelage of Cheng Man Ching in an intense study and analysis of the martial arts, particularly Tai Chi. Mr. Cheng was a known connoisseur of the Tai Chi forms. In 1951 Hsu began his career as an instructor. In 1964 he traveled to such countries as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand in hopes of popularizing the study of Tai Chi. Hsu successfully taught over 2,000 students. Due to the interest in Tai Chi he also taught in Taiwan where he founded the Tai Chi Chuan Association of Taipei, Taiwan. Membership grew to 10,000.

Grand Master Hsu Fun-yuen first came to the United States in 1977 and taught Tai Chin in New York and later in Miami. During the winter of 1978 he was invited to teach in Chicago. The amount of students in Chicago interested in learning Tai Chi steadily increased. Hence during the summer of 1981 he founded the Hsu Fun Yuen Tai Chi Academy.

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